See the 2017 Cranmore Ram at our:

On-property Ram Sale
1pm, Wednesday 20 September 2017

118 2016 drop Horns & 62 2016 drop Poll Merino Rams will be offered at our on-property Ram Sale. Rams penned for inspection by 9.30am. Selling commences at 1.00pm. Luncheon and light refreshments provided.

For general information about easy-care rams, see our Ram Breeding Program and the News page.

A pdf version of the 2017 Cranmore Auction Rams List and test results is available here.

Also available as a .csv file here
or an Excel file here

Enquiries to:
Cranmore Farming Partnership:
Kristin Lefroy Tel: 9654 9066

Stud Representative:
Craig Williamson Mob: 0429 813 988

2017 Cranmore Auction Rams

118 Merino and 62 Poll Merino Rams.

Fleece weights 20th April
Meat Testing 20th July.
Midside sample Early August

Details shown on Cranmore Auction Rams list

FD Fibre diameter Lower is better

SD of FD

Standard deviation of fibre diameter

Lower is better

CV of FD

Coefficient of variation of fibre diameter

Lower is better (Higher can be associated with lower staple strength)

CE %

% Course edge fibres

Lower is better


Comfort factor (max 100%)



% of fibres over 30 micron

Lower is better

Spin Fine

Spinning fineness

Lower is better (How the fibre spins)


% of fibres under 15 micron

Higher is better





Standard deviation of curvature

Lower is better


Greasy fleece weight

Higher is better

Body Weight Body Weight Higher is better