Breeding the Easy Care Merino

During 2005 a number of specially selected rams showing bare breech characteristics were mated to a selection of ewe hoggets with less wool around their breach area. This is part of Cranmore's ongoing and unwavering efforts to breed the ultimate in easy care merino that are resistant to worms and fly strike and does not require mulseing.

Together with strategic worm tests of all sheep on the property, a long term program of extensive feacal egg counting of all worker rams over the past ten years has resulted in the need for drenching at Cranmore has reduced immensely.

In addition, the careful selection of plain bodied, loose skinned sheep has greatly reduced the wrinkle on the sheep thus lowering the incidence of fly strike and shearing cuts.

Above and right: The ram in the photo was specially selected as a 'bare breached' ram.


Above: Progeny test rams
Note the plain bodied nature of the ram - free from wrinkles and skin development around the neck area which is imperative for easy-care sheep.

The bare-breeched, plain bodied, easy-care Cranmore ram has:
  • quality wool, well packed and free from body wrinkles
  • highly aligned, uniform, white, bright wool with low fibre diameter & CV, and a high greasy fleece weight
  • very strong genetic reliability with high fertility
  • a sound body structure
  • with low faecal egg counts